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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sian nus internet is so screwed up now so i shall blog to pass time. Hmm had med dnd on sat. Pink mohawk ! woohoo i shall dye my hair the moment it gets long. Must say its interesting looking at ppl doll up as it gives u a new perspective ! i nv knew andrew could look so rock ha ! Spent the whole night snapping away n i din win any lucky draw prizes :( Link to dnd pics are at the left corner. Went for supper at gluttons place. sigh sg shld have more places selling food after 2am. Moved on to the spot near the merlion to talk cock. brian was in deep discussion with xq and trix bout killing ants and some philosophical thing. So the rest of us just sat around and talked rubbish. then suddenly religion came into the pic and i realised i was a DAMN BAD catholic omg. So i have decided to find my roots to quote beatrice. Gotta feeling having god would come in really impt in the medical profession as there would be many issues i would have to grapple with.

Nothing fantastic happened from mon to thurs. tried out the arts canteen. NO DESSERT stall omg. that sucks la. but the beef claypot horfun wasn too bad. spent most afternoons "mugging" at the pgp studyroom. Ha we were quite noisy cos one ang moh told us to keep it down -_- choir practice was boring as usual, the standards really different and the songs are UNFUN. saw nelson kwei at prac. must say he looked surprised to see me. Too bad i just pulled out of choir so that would be the last time i see him. shall conc on hall activities instead and i wonder if by some miracle i will pass the tennis trials haha. im tired of being just a choir boy. Went running at 11.15 pm to nuh for supper because gan's new fren called zoe decided she was hungry but wanted to exercise at the same time. So he dragged me along and i miss out on some much needed slp zzz.

Woke up early today to get gd seats and tried the Christian sharing session in the morning. was quite lost as they were talking bout psalms and verses. For someone who hasn read the bible i just sat and absorbed. As to whether i will continue going every morning, some deliberation is involved. Went to food republic at vivo today. needed to run the car engine. sigh they were cutting grass at ke then my nicely polished car became dirty :( lucky it rained so the layer of dirt was washed off !! Oh and the food was so damn ex la. i tried the nasi lemak my dad recommended. 7.20 OMG. wth la. dessert was 2.20 and the bowl so small. Haha and i dunno why but the convo went from bra sizes to sex. i dun believe trix doesn know whats bj la and joanna asked bout stimulation. i really cant help but wonder if they r really plain innocent or damn good actors. Nonetheless rebecca calmly filled them in, with a str8 face at that. Ok im off to take my power nap. 6 hours of slp each day ain enough for me.

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Friday, August 24, 2007

While waiting for chance to finish killing his boss i shall blog. i just realised my blog looks different when view in internet explorer and mozilla fire fox. damn.. the ie version looks better. lets seee. first aid test on thurs was bullshit. For head bandage, i din put the guazz, the tester din care LOL. CPR my tester was on hp so he just anyhow pass me and for the choking station it was like 10 secs. Hmm i will be worried if someone on the street says he is a certified first aider. after that went cine to eat lunch n shop for ogl presents. went to heeren to get a pair of earrings for my councilor. Rebecca looked damn pro when she inspected the earrings la. went back to the car JUST in time b4 the traffic guy came to check the coupons. hengggg. went for choir prac later in the evening. practice was absolute bullshit. The choir sounds weak and the girls ain chio :( ok thats besides the pt but, in vj choir the girls werent that bad :D Mass sectionals were stupid as we had to sing other parts like sop. WTF can. learn their part for what. so inefficient and strain my voice only. buncha idiots. Left halfway thru with gan n melody to attend hall talk. signed up for loads of stuff. hmm im seriously considering just playing hall tennis, need to exercise ! but i gotta train up.

Today was anat prac. Super info overload. zzz now i cant rmbr half the things the prof pointed out. and i think the system of walking ard examining the cadavers on ur own is rather stupid. i would rather have a prof point everything out to me and highlight like certain areas. After that then we OTOT. Went str8 home after practical cos mom wanted me to send the car for polishing. haha the look on the car polisher's face was quite funny. he had the "WtF u drive face" and was damn worried i would reverse into his other customer's car.

legna at 7:31 AM

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ok since i asked chance to update his blog i must set an example. Today basically would be the slackest day in medicine as it would be the first n last time i can go sch at 10.40 and finish at 1. The whole first aid practical lesson was quite funny but informative nonetheless. The guy at the cpr station was sort of confused, i think because of that girl called gabrielle. i shant elaborate :D but when the email said girls shld dress appropriately they shld have heeded it ! Cpr for babies was quite a unique experience because suddenly everyone has to be super tender and caring. Melody was damn comical la, no wonder shes in drama. She kept going "Oh noess.. no breathing. Oh noess no pulse" OH and one girl plucked out the "baby's" leg and banged its head on the table la. I wonder what kinda mom shes gonna be. Tmrs the test and lets hope i dun needa retake it cos failing would be uber malu. Sian gotta wake up early tmr to put some feng shui stuff in my room. Got timing somemore la -_-|| Sat chance's convertible today. OMG i want one. The first car i buy must be a convertible :) Wolf whistling at girls while driving down nus. i wonder if chance's car is blacklisted alr haha.

Went shopping yday. bought my black shirt and some t shirts from samuel n kelvin. Got a pair of cheap jeans to do more sai kang in. Shopping is fun :D and now i know why girls take so long to shop. they can walk one whole day and not buy anything cos they will take like half an hour to decide upon buying it. then when they are almost gonna buy it, something holds them back and they walk out of the store. Meanwhile the guys will be sitting down at the shoe section commenting on their dressing. We ain mean, just bored !! o.O claymore 21 is out. gonna watch it. tata

legna at 8:10 AM

Monday, August 20, 2007

I swear the traffic in the mornings are crazy. i hit ecp at 7.30 and there was alr a jam. OMG la. zzz did some crazy lane cutting to get to nus. too bad for ppl's car with slow acceleration :p found a nice shaddy lot at ke's secret secret carpark haha. shall claim it as mine :D Lectures boring as usual, ssw tay emphasing bout his STEEL not STEAL. wtf la. impt stuff dun repeat this kinda rubbish he keep saying. i dun believe his 3 alfa romeos got stolen too. oh and when he said his daughter was giving him probs, dan n i agreed it must have been a pregnancy. histology is wth as usual, no pics on the notes i really dun see why i shld take down any info. not like i can pic it by looking at the words eh ? Biochem lect started by some marie clement frenchie. Her accent quite funny hmm and she took damn long to teach buffers la. So she ended up missing amino acids. shall read ahead for the entire protein lect then slp tmr.

Highlight of the day. WENT SHOPPING AT BUGIS STREET. whee i nv knew shopping with guys could be fun. dan gan n i wanted to buy this black playboy polo tee (25bucks) and the stupid sizes not accurate one. for example both of us wanted M. but his M was smaller than my M. wtf can. bought some wrist poserish thingy ($4) stupid uncle dun wanna give discount. we order 5 somemore lo. bought this belt with a skull in front for 10 bucks. quite cheap :) zzz couldn buy my budget watch cos some of the og ppl wanted to go back to nus for the perm sect talk and i was obligated to fetch them back. kinda sucks when ur og looks at u with the "are u gonna fetch us back" kinda eyes and u just cant say no cos u wanna shop. hmph. so anyways parked at the underground ucc carpark under gan's direction and went for the reception. most of the food was gone so i just pia-ed the hokkien mee and spring rolls. Decided that the talk was bullshit so i drove back to hall. $0.41 carpark fees. so much for a free dinner. oks off to mugging.

legna at 5:33 AM

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ok im damn pissed with rapidshare now so i shall vent my frustrations here. Stupid 5 gig a day limit sucks la ! somemore this is a service which has to be paid for hmph. My last 4 parts of Tekken 5 needs like less than 50mb to complete omg. and i was so looking forward to playing with gan n trix on her ps2. ARGHH gotta wait one more week when im back from hall. Oh wells guess thats one less distraction. OH and the stupid barber cut my sides too short ! bloodyy hell my hair growth is already like super slow and now it looks like im gonna need a yr to get my original hair length back. On the lighter side, my new oakley specs arrived today :D i hope it serves its purpose of making me look more intellectual cos im sick and tired of ppl asking me "eh what course u gonna study" and when i ans medicine they automatically go "u wanna be doctor ah." OMG not doctor then what. nurse meh -_-||

legna at 3:40 AM

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ok due to certain influences and peer pressure i shall blog again. So 5 yrs down the road when i look back i can see how miserable i was in my formative years of medicine.

First day

Every lecturer started off with congrats and continued to talk bout how hard it was to enter medicine and how hard it would be to stay in medicine. At that point it suddenly occured to me that hey. am i really at the right place cos im really fighting with the best of the best and these ppl are probably hardcore muggers. anws lectures went well or at least it was jc bio stuff so things didn go too badly. Deans tea ceremony overshot the time restraints and the only fun part was taking the pledge. WITH OUR LIVES indeed :D

2nd day

More lectures.. and in fact i cant really rmbr what happened. OMG which is why i need to blog. i only know that i woke up super early to reserve seats in the LT. didn really work cos there r other MORE kiasu ppl than me. WTH la nv knew u had to chiong LT to reserve seats. In jc i was always late for lects hmm.

3rd day

Interestingly most of the girls wore skirts today. Guys shld coordinate their dressing too. Like a purple t shirt day :DD Had first aid test after that. zzz i shld have studied harder. the first qn was alr a stunner la. ended up copying melody's ans. haha psc scholar has her integrity, she din let me copy :( and they colour coded the qn papers so outright copying was prevented arghh. i pray i dun fail. if not super malu cos its like failing BTT. Melody gan n i decided to check out joanna's house after dropping her off. Her driveway was rather scary and her bro drinks a friggin lot of protein drinks omg. Pity no pics of him. and i just found out that so many ppl are grade 8 in piano. WTH la. i feel inferior.

4th day

SSW tay speaks daammnn fast. Was lost half the lect and he assumed we read up on the topic. Wth la so now not only do i have to revise the days topic i have to mug for tmrs work. really really no life. Furthermore the notes quite sucky. After reading wheaters i realised his lecture wasn really needed. Seeing cadavers was fun. thank god my mom came down to pass me my labcoat. if not im GGed. haha im damn surprised none of the girls went eewww when they saw the cadavers. The pledge part was quite stupid and why did we have to touch the cadaver while saying it? hmm. OH and my prof rocked. he said he likes short lessons so he ended a 1 hr lesson in 15 mins :D


I was looking forward to this day the entire darn week. cos i can finally slackk off. PBL was fun. brainstorming and talking cock and the girls in my grp are dominating la. siann why medicine girls all so tigress-like one. After it ended, went to holland v to eat. Seems like they dun check coupons there cos i exceeded my one hr by quite abit. went to nydc later. Jedi mudster is DAMN GOOD. super sinful but omg if i had a bday cake it would be jedi mudster. HINT HINT. Gave gan a lift back home. poor guy's bag was so heavy cos he decided to bring his shoebox com back. Aye-ecp was so congested. took close to an hour to get home la. Then had to rush my dinner n bath to meet gan at bedok mrt b4 heading down to outram park to meet daniel. We tried to cut the taxi queue and one indian scolded us. LOL imagine if he found out we were med students. say goodbye to our professional image ! Reached zouk at bout 9 for the biz pagaent thingy. IT WASN the finals la. OMG waste timee. thank god the tix were free. and i realised for the 2nd time that i cannot club because i cant drink n dance. Loud music disorientates me and i guess my hearing is sensitive because i wanted to avoid the dance floor at all costs. At one pt of time i even felt like puking la and it would be damn embarrassing to do so. Beatrice jia rui and her gal pals are damn good clubbers. they drink ALOT. no shit man i must train up , one small step at a time though. Ppl are alot more open when they r a lil bit tipsy haha n i bet chance will agree with me :D i must have looked really bad cos everyone was asking if i was ok. The guys were nice enough to see me out of the club n made sure i got into a cab so yeah. thanks guys :)

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

YEAH booked out during my confinement week because of medicine essay tmr. haha booked out on sat at 12.30, book in on sun at 9. kind superiors eh. i feel really lucky to be in scorpion coy because my sergeants are kind. At least for now. hmmm. My coy has 9 girls :D which means the pt is slacker cos they are afraid the girls cant take it. EVERYONE benefits :D somehow my body quicky adapted to waking up at 5 in the morning. Alas taking the freezing shower in the morning still eludes me. Came home and took a long hot bath. Really really missed the rain shower system and the privacy which comes with a door. Im quite tired of seeing guys in the nude when they shower and i have to walk past them. 6 more days to OFFICIAL book out haha. then i will have 5 days break from 26APR to 1 may. oh well cant update my military diary too much cos i have to go read up bout medicine. will complete my update on 26th APR ! i will FORCE myself to

legna at 2:45 AM